Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A poem for Pittsburgh

Unrusting Potential
City of steel,
buttressed with bridges,
champion structures rusted to the river side,
even the mutated catfish know it waits to be reborn.
And many who survived the slow smoky death
of job after job, flushed into dirty waterways alongside
their golden fantasies,
though once blackened by chemical obfuscation,
they slowly open new eyes, yearning
for a city, not lost in the annals of time.
And perhaps they find a new burgh that floats
onto the ocean of their summer dreams,
where the tide cleans away the asbestos nightmare,
 leaving breathable daytime, and a smile
of ironclad proportions,
all amidst a gathering of reunited spirits
and tempered by a gentle, hesitant hello.