Friday, April 3, 2015

Poetry for Good Friday

In honor of the Passion of Jesus Christ this Good Friday...and onward up to Easter Sunday...I will be sharing a poem each of the next three days.  They are included in my poetry collection titled after the name of this blog, and are a spiritual collection written over the last 20 years.  May you find a moment of reflection, truth or something in reading them.  Have a Blessed Easter!

Once a Man

A man once said
the Word burned
in his bones
for want of release,
and I had ears
and heard.
A man once cried
to the heavens,
to his Father,
for want not to drink
of the cup,
and I had eyes
and saw him,
nailed in infinity,
suffering for our eternity.
And I cried
and he lifted me up,
he walked with me,
he surrounded me
with his love and
guided me with his shield.
He wrote upon my heart
the first moment
my soul had breath,
and my purpose was foretold.
I awoke
searching for it,
yearning for it,
aching to realize,
And when I did
the immensity of it
made me quiver,
wanting to fall,
to hide, to run.
But I too
must carry my cross
and follow him.



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