Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thoughts of Fragile Faith on Holy Saturday

I can only imagine the thoughts and fears of the followers of Jesus the day after his crucifixion...before the resurrection.  But I am sure that all of us who believe have had moments of doubt, fear and worry in our walks of faith.  This poem speaks to some moments like that in my life.

Fragile Faith

I turned the light of hope
On in my life
Only to find
That the shadows still surrounded me;
Eeking their way under
My daily prayer,
Slipping past my angel consciousness,
Hardening my heart,
Weakening my defense.
And sometimes the last flickering match,
One spectral image,
Gets caught in the dizzy wind
Of heavy night dreams,
Fluttering out,
Leaving me in blackness,
And then the fear comes.
It seems huge in the dark
Engulfing all I know,
Smothering the faithful remnants
Into nothingness, ash by ash,
Until I cry out again to God.




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